Misha Musashi

Posted 2002.03.03 11.20 in Cats by Stephanie

Misha Kitten



This is Misha Musashi! She came into my life in September 2000, but didn’t become my room-mate till October 2000.




Misha kitten

While on vacation in Memphis Tennessee, visiting my friend Athena, we found this little stray on the streets. Cold, lonely and hungry, she took to cosy apartment life immediately, and adopted me right away. Before I could bring her home to Canada though, she had to get her shots and travel papers.



misha kitten



Athena made these arrangements, but it took some time, so I couldn’t bring Misha home right away; I had to make another trip back to get her. Ok, most folks think I’m crazy to drive 2000 miles for a cat, but then most folks haven’t met Misha.



Misha Cat

Now she lives with me in a 140+ year old house in downtown Brampton. Since Misha was an only-cat for two years or so, she isn’t really keen on having other kitties around, but as long as they stay out of her way she’ll tolerate them.




Some Haikus About Misha

A dash, streak of black,
The lunge, claws in my back; it’s
Misha Musashi!
Harsh night, busy street
Stray kitten found, needs to eat
Moved into my heart.


Misha: The Magical Cat

Magical Cat!