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Links Archive 2003

Posted 2003.12.28 11.00 in Uncategorized by Stephanie

The following are all my ‘Links of the Week’ for 2003.


28 Dec 2003 The Internet Sword Collectors Association has lots of information and links on the topic. Scroll down to see it all.
19 Dec 2003 In time for the Solstace, How much Yule do you put into Christmas? discusses fitting Pagan beliefs into the X-mas season.
14 Dec 2003 The Gallery of Obscure Patents holds a few of the stranger inventions one might find.
07 Dec 2003 Specialties from the Gallery of Regrettable Foods. Scary pictures, funny comments. Check them all out, they’re all great.
30 Nov 2003 Looking for a phobia? If you can’t find one here, you’re not trying.
Personal fave: Fear of the Pope. Key quote:
Defined as “a persistent, abnormal, and irrational fear of the pope”, each year, this surprisingly common phobia causes countless people needless distress.
23 Nov 2003 If you were in the Brampton area at the end of November, you should have come to the YMCA Charity Art Auction. Lots of prints and original artwork available, in support of a good cause.
18 Nov 2003 Here’s a one-stop source for all your quirky, wierd, bizzare news from around the world.
09 Nov 2003 Here’s a website dedicated to the Adorable Toshiba Libretto, a full-power laptop that’s the size of a VHS casette tape. I love my Libretto.
02 Nov 2003 The Traffic Cone Preservation Society is dedicated to studying and preserving these wonderful “helpers of humanity”.
26 Oct 2003 Angel’s Acolyte Episode reviews, previews, images, et cetera, for the series Angel.
19 Oct 2003 Ideal Scientific Equipment Looking for frictionless bearings? Magnetic monopoles? How about a horse bred to provide exactly one horsepower? Here’s the place to get them!
13 Oct 2003 Coral Castle Another strange and mysterious page this week… Learn the mysteries of the Coral Castle.
05 Oct 2003 Crypto Predators It’s a cryptozoological predators petting zoo! Learn about mysterious predators at this fun and informational site.
28 Sep 2003 HTML 4.01 Ok it’s not an exciting link, but it’s informational. The complete HTML 4.01 specification set forth by the W3C.
21 Sep 2003 Mabon An article about the pagan holiday Mabon, aka the autumntal equinox.
14 Sep 2003 Agenda Wiki An excellent resource site about the Agenda VR3, a tiny PDA running the Linux OS.
07 Sep 2003 Lobster Cam! Freshest Lobsters on the Net! (Works best during daytime hours)
01 Sep 2003 Talk Like A Pirate Day Arrr! September 19th is fast approaching, me hearties!
24 Aug 2003 Thackrey Library A collection of transcripts copied from rare old texts and books.
Spring 1987 – August 15th, 2003: Goodbye Rhea.
It’s been a dark month.
10 Aug 2003 Wine Lovers’ Page The oldest, largest independent wine-appreciation site on the web.
03 Aug 2003 Tinkerbell Rest in peace, Tinkerbell. You were loved, you are missed.
27 Jul 2003 In Vino Veritas Interesting columns and information. Check out their web cam!
21 Jul 2003 Strat’s Place Pictures of wine cellars around the world. Also, check out the rest of the web site, great stuff.
13 Jul 2003 Copter You’ve heard about it on Dave Barry’s Blog, you’ve seen the link for sale on eBay. Here it is, Free! Copter! My best is 3115 (as of 0307.17)
07 Jul 2003 Spiders with Drugs Results of experiments with web-weaving spiders, and various drugs. This is your web. This is your web on drugs.
22 Jun 2003 Backyard Habitat How to make your backyard into a perfect habitat to protect and attract birds and critters.
15 Jun 2003 Dave Bary’s Blog Dave Barry has a weblog! And a Home page!
08 Jun 2003 Vintages The fine wine and premium spirits division of Ontario’s LCBO.
01 Jun 2003 Got Futurama Futurama may be gone, but not forgotten! Here’s a site with lots of info and news and links.
25 May 2003 Hacker FAQ How Hackers work, how to manage your Hacker, and keep your Hacker happy and productive.
11 May 2003 Emergency Measures Brampton’s Emergency Measures site: Helping reduce the probability and impact of disasters.
04 May 2003 Ontario Storm Chasers Images, information, and links about storm chasing in Ontario.
27 Apr 2003 Beltaine You call it May Day, we call it Beltaine. Another essay about another Pagan holiday. Enjoy!
20 Apr 2003 Art Gallery of Peel See what’s new, and what’s coming soon, at Peel Region’s own Art Gallery.
14 Apr 2003 t.A.T.u. Official website of the Russian pop group t.A.T.u.
06 Apr 2003 iPic Web Server A web server the size of a match-head. Amazingly tiny.
30 Mar 2003 Electronics Reference Bill’s Electronics Reference Library is a handy reference for some beginner circuits and parts identification.
24 Mar 2003 Word of the Day! Embiggen your wordiness with a new word every day. It’s a perfectly cromulent site.
16 Mar 2003 Wicca na hErin The home page of Janet and Stewart Farrar, and Gavin Bone. Blessed be.
09 Mar 2003 Bob’s Sugar Shack Soon the sap will start to run, and then it will be Maple Syrup time!
03 Mar 2003 Wiccan Church of Canada Canada’s oldest and largest public Wiccan organization, founded in Toronto in 1979. Check out their extensive reading list.
16 Feb 2003 Robert Munsch Author of some great childrens’ books, and an all-round neat guy.
10 Feb 2003 Giant Squid This week, it’s all about Architeuthis; the Giant Squid.
03 Feb 2003 Tree Octopus This site will teach you all about the rare and majestic Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus (Octopus paxarbolis).
26 Jan 2003 Imbolc You call it Groundhog Day, We call it Imbolc. Another essay about the pagan origins of a modern ritual observance.
20 Jan 2003 Crazy Apple Rumors Looking for some unlikely, crazy rumors about goings-on at Apple Computers? This is the place.
12 Jan 2003 Happy Fun Ball! I want a Happy Fun Ball! Read this, maybe you’ll want one too!
05 Jan 2003 Things that make you go What? A collection of interesting tidbits of knowledge which might make you go “What?”.