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Links Archive 2005

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The following are all my ‘Links of the Week’ for 2005.


25 Dec 2005 The G-QRP Club was formed in 1974 and caters to those interestd in low power communications.
Based in the UK, they have some great links and great tech info.
18 Dec 2005 The NAQCC (North American QRP CW Club) promotes both QRP (low power) operations as well as the use of CW (morse code).
11 Dec 2005 QRP Canada is dedicated to the hobby of very low power Amateur Radio communications.
27 Nov 2005 It’s been a month now since he left us, but I still really miss my Sylvie Dots.
20 Nov 2005 A week or so ago, I linked to my ZipIt WebServer. Well that pocket-sized webserver now has 128MB of removable storage! Here are two different ways to mount an MMC card into a ZipIt!
13 Nov 2005 Still on the ZipIt theme, here’s a step-by-step guide of how to add a Backlight into a Zipit!
06 Nov 2005 Is that a webserver in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me? I’ve configured my ZipIt into a little pocket-sized Web Server!
30 Oct 2005 The Zipit is a small wireless instant messenger device originally marketed for kids and teens. More importantly though, it’s an embeded linux device with good battery life, Flash ROM, WiFi networking, and a strong linux Yahoo Group working to make this a useful $100 linux computer.
27 Oct 2005 Sylvie Dots. He was a great cat.
23 Oct 2005 Yum yum yum! It’s an history of Army Combat Rations, from the late 1700s up to the middle of the 20th century.
16 Oct 2005 Broken Windows is an article over on Daring Fireball that examines some of the reasons the Macintosh OS X operating system is more secure than the Windows platforms.
09 Oct 2005 is a growing repository of links to information and DIY tips and tricks for various PDAs and handheld computers.
02 Oct 2005 Rav4 Oz
Australia’s premier Rav4 Network – Parts, Services, Reviews, and Forums.
18 Sep 2005 The Swiss site all about Horology
11 Sep 2005 ChimChim’s Rav4 Page has some great pics, mods, and howto info for the Toyota Rav4.
04 Sep 2005 Rav4World!
28 Aug 2005 Paranoia Live!
Greetings Troubleshooter, and welcome to Alpha Complex. Remember to Stay Alert, Trust No-one, and Keep Your Laser Handy.
21 Aug 2005 Visit Kimlee’s Healing Arts and Embrace your Divine Energy. Kim is a Healer, a good friend of mine, and a fellow artist.
14 Aug 2005 The Mows – Get Your Purr On!
What’s up with The Mows? They’re adorable cartoon kitties named Indy, Tigey, and Nonie.
07 Aug 2005 It’s a blast from the past! CONELRAD – All things atomic / the golden age of homeland security.
01 Aug 2005 This collection of cartoon / drawings could be called… Cute & Creepy? Sweet & Scary? Fun & Freaky?
You probably need a slight twist in your sense of humor, to enjoy Bunny Suicides!
24 Jul 2005 One of my favorite places on Earth is Algonquin Provincial Park, in Ontario, Canada.
Almost 8000 square kilometers of wilderness, thousands of lakes, 2000 kilometers of canoe routes; it’s heaven.
17 Jul 2005 One more watch-related link… Per’s Horology Site has workshop information, pictures, and information for beginners.
10 Jul 2005 Alan’s Vintage Watches has lots of pictures and information on watches, as well as some neat stuff like X-ray images and time-lapse images of luminous watches.
03 Jul 2005 Michele Cuoccio’s Russian Watches Website is another fantastic reference site for information about Russian watches.
26 Jun 2005 It’s like an online museum of Russian and Soviet timepieces: Mark Gordon’s Russian Watches Collection.
19 Jun 2005 Hey, it’s time for another watch-related website! Time Zone has forums, articles, reviews, and even an on-line Watch School!
12 Jun 2005 With lots of articles, some reviews, and a great compilation of movements, Christophs Watch World is another great horological reference site!
05 Jun 2005 When the various plans to try to Take Over The World all fail and lead to anger and frustration, it’s perhaps time to think about how to Destroy The Earth.
29 May 2005 The Grand Prix du Canada is coming on June 12th in Montreal. Find out all the details about it at the Formula 1 website.
23 May 2005 For some active fora on the subject of watches, look no further than WatchUSeek. They also have lots of interesting Articles on a wide variety of horological topics.
15 May 2005 If you’re looking for information on vintage watches, here’s a good place to start: The Watch Guy
08 May 2005 Here’s a fun and informational web page which describes the intricate secrets of how computers work: Your Computer is Made Out of Magic
03 Apr 2005 Again with the vintage computing, The Web 8201 Project is dedicated to support of the NEC PC-8201A and PC-8300 laptops – sister machines to the Tandy Models 100 and 102, and the other Kyocera KC85 clones.
21 Mar 2005 Here’s an interesting blog: Music Thing where their slogan is, “You can’t buy talent, but you can try.”
They review or link to interesting and unusual music things — such as synths, midi instruments, et cetera.
13 Mar 2005 Back to computing again this week, with a visit to CPU-World, an on-line museum of processors and related ICs.
07 Mar 2005 This week’s link is Le Tigre, who describe themselves as a ‘feminist punk electronic’ band.
Check out their latest album, This Island, on ITMS.
20 Feb 2005 Viva Vintage Computing: Club 100 has been supporting owners of the portable Tandy Models 100, 102, and 200 since 1983! They have lots of information and reference material, as well as a good library of software for the venerable “Model-T”.
13 Feb 2005 More vintage computers this week: 8bit is dedicated to old systems with 8-big microprocessors, such as the venerable TRS-80. There is a bit of info there on my first ‘laptop’ system, the Tandy Model 102 – also the first laptop ever to fly on the space shuttle.
06 Feb 2005 Interested in vintage computers? Have a look at – especially their Museum section. They even have a page about the first computer I ever owned – the DEC Rainbow 100
23 Jan 2005 Keeping with the musical theme, this week’s link is Clatter – a rock power duo from Missouri.
Their web site is pretty neat, and you can find their CD on iTunes.
16 Jan 2005 Another musical link, Ibanez is a manufacturer of high quality, low priced instruments such as my favorite, the Electric Bass.
09 Jan 2005 iCompositions is a place where users of Apple’s GarageBand can upload and share their musical creations, as well as a great source of resources and information.
You can click here to visit my uploads page there.
02 Jan 2005 The Toronto Ghosts and Hauntings research society is the first link of the week for 2005.