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Dots in a Line

Posted 2006.06.30 0.00 in Photography by Stephanie

I found this pattern of light and thought it might make an interesting picture.

I may have been wrong.

Photographing Light

Dizzy; My Head Is Spinning

Posted 2006.06.29 0.00 in Photography by Stephanie

Sometimes rather than taking all serious photos, it’s just as good to play. Just tinker with the settings, and go for it.

Sort of like the photographic equivalent of gooping out some paint and getting your hands into it.

Basicaly, just play.

Head Spinning Fun

Go Stick Your Head In A Tree

Posted 2006.06.29 0.00 in Photography by Stephanie

My folks have this maple tree in their backyard, which is shaped like a big green tootsie-roll pop. It’s short enough that if I stand next to the trunk, my head and shoulders are inside the sphere of foliage.

Inside the foliage, it’s like another world, all dark and green and interconnected with wooden walkways and gantries and support structures.

I could just picture the ants and bugs and birds and little critters, all going to and fro as they rush about carrying on their Important Business. “Meet you for lunch on the second twig from branch 37, Bill?” “Sorry Charles, not today, I’ve got a big meeting down by Trunk Junction. Tell you what though, have your ladybug call my ladybug and we’ll work something out.” “Right-o then!”

Or maybe it was the wine.

Embrace Your Inner Tree

Funky Photo

Posted 2006.06.28 0.00 in Photography by Stephanie

I was playing with settings on my digital camera when I came up with this shot. I think it looks kind of spooky and dark and neat.

Dark Corner

Without Warning

Posted 2006.06.28 0.00 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

You know that expression ‘without warning’, as in ‘without warning, the tornado struck’ or ‘without warning, the truck tire came through their car window’?

I hate that expression. It is just really, really stupid.

I mean, in general terms, every time I have heard that expression used, it was just plain wrong. Either there was plenty of warning and the foolish people just chose to ignore it, or the situation was one that did not lend itself to warning. I mean, the phrase is always used in a way that implies that there is some shock or feeling of injustice about the lack of warning. Like, oh, if only we were warned that was about to happen, maybe so many people wouldn’t have gotten hurt or the property wouldn’t have got damaged.


The tornado gave plenty of warning – there was a big storm, it was tornado season, the storm was a meso-cyclone, there was a lowering, a rotating wall cloud descended at the inflow/outflow boundary; how much more warning could the storm have given? A big neon-light that said “Grab your camcorder, there’s a tornado a-coming!”?

The truck tire came through the windshield ‘without warning’ — well what did you expect? “Ding!” “Oh look dear, the ‘danger truck tire’ light on the dashboard just came on. Better pull over and let it roll on by.” “Ok Ethel.”

Oh, or “without warning, lightning struck the young man” — as he was out videotaping a thunder storm, standing next to a freaking radio antenna tower! There was plenty of warning! IT’S CALLED THUNDER YOU MORON!

I feel that the expression “Without Warning” should be stricken from common usage. Seriously. You know when it’s really applicable? When the warning mechanism failed.

Like, “without warning, my hard drive crashed.” “Bummer! Didn’t the S.M.A.R.T. drive status mechanism give you any warning at all?” “No, that’s the really wierd thing, it went from passing all tests, to failure, without any warning.” “Wierd.”

Or how about “Damn, my engine siezed up. Turned out I was out of oil!” “What? What about the ‘check engine’ light? Or the oil pressure gauge?” “Nope, nothing. No warning at all.” “Bummer.”

“Without warning, Stephanie snapped.” “Well what kind of warning were you looking for?” “Well, last time she said ‘I’m going to snap’ first. Then she snapped.” “Huh.”

Fun With Church Signs

Posted 2006.06.26 0.00 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

or, Missives We Really Would Like To See Infront Of A Church.


Posted 2006.06.25 0.00 in Sports by Stephanie

England beats Ecuador to get through to the quarter finals!

All Right!!!

Go England!
Photo from FIFA/Yahoo