Dizzy; My Head Is Spinning

Posted 2006.06.29 0.00 in Photography by Stephanie

Sometimes rather than taking all serious photos, it’s just as good to play. Just tinker with the settings, and go for it.

Sort of like the photographic equivalent of gooping out some paint and getting your hands into it.

Basicaly, just play.

Head Spinning Fun

Go Stick Your Head In A Tree

Posted 2006.06.29 0.00 in Photography by Stephanie

My folks have this maple tree in their backyard, which is shaped like a big green tootsie-roll pop. It’s short enough that if I stand next to the trunk, my head and shoulders are inside the sphere of foliage.

Inside the foliage, it’s like another world, all dark and green and interconnected with wooden walkways and gantries and support structures.

I could just picture the ants and bugs and birds and little critters, all going to and fro as they rush about carrying on their Important Business. “Meet you for lunch on the second twig from branch 37, Bill?” “Sorry Charles, not today, I’ve got a big meeting down by Trunk Junction. Tell you what though, have your ladybug call my ladybug and we’ll work something out.” “Right-o then!”

Or maybe it was the wine.

Embrace Your Inner Tree