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Still More Fun With Lasers!

Posted 2006.07.29 0.00 in Lasers by Stephanie

I went down to the basement and dug up an old Helium Neon laser I bough several years ago at a surplus store. It’s low powered, definately <5mW and perhaps even <2mW.

I took a bunch of pictures of it, and some comparison shots of it and my Pulsar and Greenie. With the HeNe dot and the Pulsar dot next to each other, you can see the difference in wavelength. The HeNe is 632.8 nm and the Pulsar is 650 nm – the difference between Orange/Red and a deeper Red.

Obviously, the word of the month is Lasers!

Helium Neon Laser
HeNe Laser Tube Exposed

HeNe Laser vs Pulsar
HeNe Laser vs Pulsar

HeNe Laser vs Greenie
HeNe Laser vs Greenie

More Fun With Lasers

Posted 2006.07.28 0.00 in Lasers by Stephanie

A couple small videos, of fun with lasers!

In addition to the laser diode I ‘rescued’ from a DVD burner, I have now got myself a Pulsar from Wicked Lasers and a nameless Greenie from the Bay.

The Pulsar is 150mW and the Greenie is 80mW. I don’t know the wattage of the diode from the DVD burner, but after comparing it to what the Pulsar can do, I am thinking that the DVD diode is in the 100mW range. It is mighty strong.

I still haven’t finished perfecting a collimator for the DVD diode so it’s pretty much a ‘contact’ sport using it. The Pulsar has a long focal length; the beam is about 4mm at the apterture and they tend to be focused to about 20-40 feet, so to do close-up burning, an external lense is required. The Greenie’s beam appears to be less than 1mm at the aperture, it’s very tight and compact, although it does seem to spread a bit at a distance.

Needless to say, proper safety precautions must be taken while working with these devices. After experimenting with these, the typical little red pointers are very sad and anemic.

DVD Diode Burning Through Plastic

Pulsar Burning Match With Extra Lense

Greenie Burning Match At 6 or 8 Inches

Lotsa Lasers
Note: If the videos do not play properly, please download them and play them off-line. My server does not like MPG files.

Fun With Lasers

Posted 2006.07.27 0.00 in Lasers by Stephanie

Do you know that cheap DVD burners can be had for only $20 or $30, if you go to the right stores?
Do you know that inside a DVD burner is a powerful (40 – 100 mW / Class 3b) visible laser diode?
Do you know how much fun a 40 – 100 mW laser diode can be?

In the photo, from left to right: A collimator lense assembly, 5.6mm diameter. A Class 3b 650 nm laser diode and heat sink, ‘rescued’ from a DVD burner. A cheap tiny pocket laser pointer.

The 3b 650nm diode is a 5.6mm diameter and looks like it will fit the collimator assembly. The cheap pointer is there because its brother was sacrificed to provide the collimator.

I’ve already used this laser diode to burn holes through some black plastic. Without a collimator, the diode has to be right next to the plastic, but it still amazed me when it worked.

Tonight, I’ll be having fun tinkering, to get a working ‘pointer’ with the high powered diode.

Laser Bits

The Stephanie Maks Office Adventure Kit

Posted 2006.07.25 0.00 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

I was just getting ready to head out to work and had some of my ‘important gear’ sitting on my desk ready to, when I noticed that my bit of kit was arranged somewhat photogenically.

That’s right, it’s the Stephanie Maks Action Adventure Kit!

The kit consists of the following:
A Pentacle necklace, properly cleansed and blessed.
A mechanical, home-made wristwatch. Today it’s the one-handed model, accurate to within 5 or 10 minutes.
An antique PDA, circa 1996. Hey, just because stuff is new, does not mean it is better.

And now, I must be off! Duty calls!

Stephanie Maks Action Adventure Kit

Scarriest F***ing Thing On The ‘Net Today

Posted 2006.07.25 0.00 in Computers/Internet/Technology, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Surfing the web, alot of fun and interesting things can be found. Following one link to another, page to page, can lead to surprising and amazing things.

And it can, on occasion, lead to some intensely disturbing and freaky sh*t.

I know it’s just a sculpture, blah blah blah. Whever the hell it is, is a place I don’t wanna go visit. Any city or town that wants to boast having the largest outdoor spider sculpture, is a place that’s paying homage to stuff I want nothing to do with.

Spiders, bugs, creepy-crawlies, icky-wigglies, are things that ought not have giant sculptures, thank you very much.

Found in the Wicked Lasers Forums, in a post by nero_design.

Unidentified Freaky Object

Posted 2006.07.25 0.00 in Photography by Stephanie

I saw this in Ottawa, Canada, many many years ago.

I don’t know what it is, but I can tell you that alcohol was not involved.

Really, though, I just want to move that freaky spider picture a little further on down the page.

Bizzare Thing From Ottawa

Falling Water

Posted 2006.07.25 0.00 in Photography by Stephanie

There’s something I find very refreshing about falling water. The look of it, the feel in the atmosphere around it, the sound of it.

If I lived near something like this, I wonder if I’d ever get much of anything done. Or if I’d just set a rocking chair out somewhere with a good view, and watch the falling water.

I don’t know where exactly this is, only that I took the pic while driving around the St. Catharines / Niagara Falls area in 1996.

Falling Water.