World Cup Final

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Just 10 minutes to kickoff of the final match of World Cup 2006. Call me crazy but I think I was having more fun in the first round.

Back then, you had 2 or 3 matches a day, and you had all the countries playing, and you had the different groups each with their separate struggles for position.

The quarters, semis, and finals, you just have the one game, one result, and that’s it. Tense, exciting, emotional…but not as much fun.

Well, that’s my opinion, anyhow.

Who am I cheering on? Well in the semis, I had to weigh the four teams like this:
My alltime favorite wines right now are Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Sylvaner. So Germany was my #1 favorite.
I am fond of Bordeaux, some Burgundies, and much of the Midi wines. So France was my #2 favorite.
I do enjoy my Ports now and then, especially a nice Madiera, so Portugal would have been my #3, except they beat England!
And finaly, Italy makes a lot of wine, but I only really like the Valpolicellas and Amarones.

In other words, yesterday I was cheering for Germany, and today I cheer for France.

Enjoy the match!

FIFA World Cup 06

France vs Italy
Photo from FIFA/Yahoo

That’s it for four more years.

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Italy won in a penalty shootout. France had all the best chances in the second half, and in the extra time.

Oh well. Maybe 2010 will be England’s year.

Who knows, maybe Canada will even get into the first round.

World Cup 2006
Photo from FIFA/Yahoo

Man-Eating Squid?

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So there’s this show on the Discovery Channel about squid in the Sea of Cortez that have been attacking people, taking bites out of them.

The thing that really caught my attention was the sense of indignant outrage in the tone of the voice of one of the talking heads. It just sort of struck me. My first thought was, fair’s fair and we’ve probably eaten a hell of a lot more of them than they’ll ever even see of us.

I mean, we’re going around eating entire species out of existance. But when something has the gall to eat one of us, or even take a little bite, then it’s all outrage and shock and revenge against the “mindless killing machines”.

What the hell makes us so special? My policy is, if you don’t want to get eaten, don’t go where lurk things that can eat you. Stay clear of sharks, bears, big squids, and the rest. Further to that, have a little respect for the creatures you’re feasting on. You can’t go eating them like they’re nothing – or hauling them up by the thousands for others to eat – then get all morally superior when one tries to drown and eat you.


Monterey County Weekly – Oct 2005

Seeing you for dinner.
Photo from Monterey County Weekly