Roughly Drafted

Posted 2006.07.10 0.00 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

There’s this e-zine / web-zine / magazine site called Roughly Drafted which I’ve been reading for the past couple weeks. It’s about technology, computers, the internet, and other topics along that line.

The writing is excellent and the author, Daniel Eran, is very intelligent and insightful, covering a fairly broad range of topics with a great deal of authority.

Some recent articles, or series of articles, introduce and explore themes such as Open Source software, cellphone music players vs music players that are also phones, and a series on what Apple’s .Mac service is, and how it can change the internet world.

It’ll be one of my Links-Of-The-Week on my main site but in the meantime, go have a look. It’s good reading.

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