Pennies from… well we’re not sure.

Posted 2006.07.11 0.00 in Spiritual by Stephanie

So I’m sitting at my desk in my home office, the computer’s off, Misha‘s ontop of me getting hugs, and then suddenly there’s the distinct sound of a coin, falling from somewhere, and landing on my desk.

I can’t see the coin, as the lights are off, just the TV is providing illumination. But I heard it quite clearly.

My looking around got Misha all bothered so she moved away, and I can now see a penny on my desk, but I’m not sure if it was there before or not. At any rate, I don’t know where it might have come from. There’s nothing above my desk but ceiling, and no hidden cache of coins up there. I’m almost positive it didn’t come out of Misha – she’s been flat broke the whole time I’ve known her. And it didn’t land with any force, the sound was not of a thrown coin but a dropped one.

Just another one of those things that happen on Planet Stephanie. Nothing to do but shrug, and move on.

Interestingly, while I was typing this up, there came a rather lound bang or bump, from the kitchen. I don’t know what it was; the two cats were with me when it happened.

Pennies from wherever.
Misha is not normaly a source of revenue.