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Posted 2006.07.16 0.00 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

There’s this site that has been around for several years now, they’re still in business, and I’m still partially convinced it is a scam of some description.

They sell ‘titles’. Sort of like you can get vanity plates for your car, you can get a vanity title for your name. It’s kind of sort of like a name-change thing, but not quite. It seems to be legal, but pointless. You can have these guys execute a legal document called a ‘Deed Pole’ for you, which under UK law lets you give yourself a vanity title.

What I think is much more interesting are the real, ‘Seated’ titles. You actually buy a piece of land (the land is about 64 square inches; less than 1 square foot) and that land comes with a title. They have a dozen or so of these titled land snippits available. Unlike a vanity title, a ‘Seated’ title is real property, it can be bequeathed to your children, or even sold. It comes with official UK land registry papers and all that jazz.

Yeah, I still have this feeling that there is some scam going on…but on the other hand…Lady Stephanie has a ring to it, you know? Plus, it would be cool to be a registered owner of some land in the UK. Even if it’s not enough land to stand on.

So, I have had this link in my bookmarks for about 4 or 5 years now. One of these days…

BUSTED!See Here for Update.

Get an English Title

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