Ah-Noise-Ing my friends family, and coworkers.

Posted 2006.07.17 0.00 in Music/Movies/TV by Stephanie

A week or so ago, I was all excited about the Thingamagoop from Bleep Labs. So excited, I put in an order for one, in fact.

Well, seems a lot of people saw that article on Music Thing and Dr. Bleep is overloaded with orders, so it’ll be a few weeks before my Thingama arrives. Unfortunately, patience is a virtue of which I am not always in posession.

I’m still excited though, and eager to play and make noise. So, after a bit of thought, a bit of time spent poking around on the internet, and a bit of experimentation, I have built my own noise-making box. It is neither as cute or as cool as a Thingama, but it will let me annoy everyone within earshot, until my real Thingama arrives.

It’s actually really simple inside, I’ve just used a pair of 556 dual-timer chips, with variable resistors to control some of the oscilators, and switches to set whether the oscillators are mixed at the speaker, or if they switch each other on and off. I’ve only got 3 of the 4 oscillators running, and only 3 of the four knobs are wired right now. It makes some cool (annoying) noises. I think I’ll call it Ah-Noise-Ing.

Ah-Noise-Ing Blue Box