When things sometimes move by themselves…

Posted 2006.07.20 0.00 in Spiritual by Stephanie

…is it wise keeping swords laying around the house?

I’m a serial hobbiest. I’m interested in damn near everything. One of my many, many interests, is swords. Specifically, European military side-arm swords of the 19th century. I am also interested in Japanese swords, but authentic ones are way out of my budget, whereas European swords from the early to late 1800s can sometimes be had for a reasonable rate.

So, the other day, my dad was carrying some boxes into the house; heavy boxes full of books. While he was putting them in the livingroom, one of the swords I had on display on the entertainment unit over the TV suddenly ‘fell off’ and landed on the floor next to my dad.

Naturally I got all upset and accused him of bumping into it and being careless. The injured sword is one of the highlights of my collection, an 1847 French short sword from the Ch√Ętellerault armoury. The handle was rattled a bit loose and the tip was a bit dinged.

Well my dad apologized and felt really bad about what had happened…but he insisted, and maintains, that he never bumped into anything, and that the sword fell down by itself.

Considering all the other bumps and bangs and falling pennies and whatnot, and the fact that I am sure that my dad would have admitted it if he had bumped into the stand, I’m inclined to take him at his word, that the sword did ‘fall’ all by itself.

Swords on Display

British Transport Corps Sidearm

Caution: Aim Away From Face

Posted 2006.07.20 0.00 in Lasers by Stephanie

At last, there’s a business that sells small, portable, high-powered laser devices to the general public! I’ve been waiting for this kind of technology to become available, for about 15 years.


Wicked Lasers

300mW Spyder Laser Unit