It’s where I keep the Dank.

Posted 2006.07.23 0.00 in Photography by Stephanie

The basement, that is. It’s where the Dank lives.

I’ve been scanning all my old photographs into my computer, since a) I never look at them at the moment, and b) iPhoto makes it very easy to look at them any time. Many, many years of blurry photos, and blurry memories.

But I have a bunch of negatives somewhere, I have a binder with all my really good negs and I can’t find it. My scanner can scan negatives and, although slow, it does a very good job. So I wanted my negatives binder. Well, I haven’t seen it in about 4 years, which means…yeah it’s probably in the basement.

Last time I was down in the basement was almost exactly 2 months ago. About the 22nd or 21st of May. There were unexplained door closings and shoulder tappings and temperature dropping and stuff back then, giving me a serious case of the heebie-jeebies. Well no matter, I want my negatives! I turn on the light, grab a flashlight, open the cellar door and down I go. Exactly 1 step.

Rip, tear, tangle, I am covered in spiderweb. So I get a stick and try again, waving the stick around infront of me. It doesn’t do a damn thing. Every step I’m tearing through more spiderwebs, down the stairs and into the first part of the cellar, like a damn Indiana Jones adventure. Then I notice, of course, last time doors were closing when I didn’t want them too, this time, doors were open when they weren’t supposed to. The door to the old cellar and the door to the wine cellar were both wide open but I distinctly remember last time, after I got the last load of wine and was too creeped out, I closed everything and turned off all the lights then beat a hasty retreat from the basement.

Strangely enough, there were no spiderwebs in the older (1860’s era) part of the cellar. Well, what I mean is, they were not big floor-to-ceiling room-crossing room-filling doorway-blocking spiderwebs. The ones in the old cellar were the normal ones that stick to the corners and rafters and stuff. It’s just the new (1940’s era) cellar where the spiders made a complete floor-to-ceiling room-filling maze of icky creepy stupid spiderwebs. Blah! I can still feel them all over me.

Oh, and my binder full of negatives? Never saw it. Don’t know where it is. I did find a box with a bunch more pictures in it, among other things. I blindly groped around the box shoving handfulls of photo envelopes into a plastic bag, so will have to find out later what I managed to find. Aside from all the spiders.

I just know tomorrow I’ll find a bunch of new spiders all over the house. I hate that because you know there’s only one way for them to all get there at once. Shudder.

Algonquin, Algonquin, Algonquin, Rainbow
Algonquin in Winter, Algonquin in Rain, Tim Lake, double Rainbow

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