Huff Estates

Posted 2006.08.06 0.00 in Wine by Stephanie

The first stop of our trip on Thursday, was the Huff Estates. They have 150 acres under vine, but typical of the Prince Edward County wineries, they are still very young. The winery itself had their grand opening only 2 years ago.

The winery is a very stylish, modern building, incorporating a retail store / tasting room, and a patio for lunches. A small inn has just been opened on the property as well.

The staff seemed friendly, but busy, and did not talk wine with us. When I asked for a spitoon, there was some confusion over whether or not they had one and where it might be. They did finaly produce a galvanized bucket that had an aroma about it foul enough to nearly send me right back home. Once I realized the key was to hold my breath when anywhere near the thing, I was ready to continue. Nothing was offered or available, to cleanse the palate between tastings.

The first wine of the day was the 2004 Merlot (VQA Ontario). What a dissapointment. It was a very light red brick in colour, almost orange. The nose was quiet, with some faint red cherries and something reminiscent of cran, which is perhaps my least favourite berry. It was light and juicy on the palate, and had a short, juicy and faintly tannic finish. I wouldn’t pay $14.95 for this one, and I might even be inclined to send it back were it served in a restaurant. This one rated only an 80 on the Stephanie Scale.

Forunately things improved nicely with the second wine, their 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon / Cabernet Franc (VQA Ontario). Appearing medium purple, with a lightening around the edges, it was already much more appealing. The nose started a bit quiet but soon revealed cassis and peppers, and some faint cedar tones. The body was medium to full, tannic and creamy. A moderately long finish carried mainly the tannic sensation but not a lot of the fruit. For this wine, $14.95 a bottle seemed fair. On the Stephanie Scale, the 2003 Cab Sauv / Cab Franc scored 89.

Improvements continued, with the 2004 Cabernet / Merlot Reserve (VQA Ontario). It was quite dark red brick in appearance, although slightly orange towards the edges. The nose was classic Cab, with strong cassis and faint leather or cedar. The Merlot was also very much in attendance, with a dark cherry aroma, and some faint florals underneath. I found it to be a medium-bodied dry wine, with a spicey tannic bite. The finish was nice and long, with a hot, dry cherry sensation. Perhaps a bit ambitious at $24.95 a bottle, but still a very nice wine with which to wrap up our visit to Huff Estates, I gave this a 90 on the Stephanie Scale.

Although I didn’t ‘taste’ it, they also had a nice 2005 Ros&eacute Cabernet Sauvignon which my mother enjoyed so much that she bought a bottle. I had a quick sip and it did seem light and refreshing.

Stay tuned! Two more wineries to go, plus a bonus.

Huff Estates

Huff Estates
Huff Estates new Winery and Store