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Get Frosted!

Posted 2006.09.28 0.00 in Family/Friends by Stephanie

So my sister Leanne is an amazing baker. She makes cakes, cookies, cheesecakes, all kinds of great stuff, and she’s incredibly talented at it. I mean, have a look at this:

Spaghetti Cake   Cheesecake

No, that first one’s not a bowl of pasta — that’s a cake! A Cake! The noodles are icing, the sauce is some kind of sweet tasty goodness and the meatballs are I-dont-know-what, but it’s a freaking cake! Like, a work of art! And the cheesecake – it’s just brilliant! Look at it!

She’s been baking amazing stuff like this for years now, but just in the last couple months she has started up her own business. If you’re in the Dufferin, Grey, or Peel counties of Ontario and want a freaking amazing cake, cheesecake, or cookies, for your special occasion, get in touch with Leanne!

Ok, her website isn’t completely done yet, but we’re working on it. I’ll post another link when her site is all done, but in the mean time – check out her site, have a look at her gallery, and Get Frosted!

Get Frosted!


Posted 2006.09.25 0.00 in Lasers by Stephanie

Here’s a great link, everything you want to know about how laser diodes work.

Laser diodes are super tiny but can be surprisingly powerful. Find out how, and why. Warning: Linked site may contain science, physics, and education.

How Laser Diodes Work

Laser Diode and a Penny.
Photo from Wiki

Oh, Snap!

Posted 2006.09.24 0.00 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

When playing around with electrical or electronic stuff, it is important to note that 165volts at 330uF is very different than 330volts at 165uF.

And the results from applying 330v to something that probably is only rated for 200v, can be spectacular.


Today’s Fortune

Posted 2006.09.23 0.00 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

The Situation Is Changeable, Yet You Cannot Push The River.

Yet Another Lasers Post

Posted 2006.09.17 0.00 in Lasers by Stephanie

I was doing a bunch of cleaning and a little redecorating today, and for a break in the middle of it all, I made another high-power laser.

In this case, I took an old low-power laser pointer apart, removed the 2.5mW diode, hot-wired the driver board, and replaced the diode with a high-power diode from another DVD burner.

This pointer is old, more than 5 years, maybe as much as 10 years old. I know it cost me about $50, and it came from Radio Shack. But they don’t appear to sell anything like it any more. I like it though because of the tiny size, only 3 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. It runs on two AAA batteries, but they go in side-by-side.

Anyhow, now that it’s been pumped-up and had a diode transplant, it’s now pumping out about 100mW, as much as the low-end Pulsar. Enough to pop a balloon or light a match, with the help of a focusing lens. Without a focusing lens, it’s just a really, really, really bright laser pointer.

Update: As a pointer, this laser has a switch to select between dot and line. The line was produced by a little optic. I’ve removed that optic and replaced it with a focusing lens from a DVD player. Now, at the flick of a switch, I can select between well-collimated long-range dot, or close-up burning power. Now I’m thinking if only I could have put a 150mW diode in there instead of the 100mW, this could become my favorite pocket-laser.


Caution: Warning Labels Ahead

Posted 2006.09.13 0.00 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Here’s a fun website I came across this morning. It lets you make your own warning signs / labels. They have a selection of sign styles, a selection of graphic images, and then you key in your own warning text.

The graphics seem to be mostly confined to serious ones, with one or two exceptions. But, you can type anything you want at all.


Warning Label Generator

Beware of Blog

Group Shot

Posted 2006.09.12 0.00 in Lasers by Stephanie

Here’s a recent pic of four of my lasers in my home-made enclosures, and a fifth enclosure waiting for a laser to go in it.

The DVD Laser is the one I made from a DVD burner, it’s running at 200mW now which I think is pretty impressive. The IR laser is also up a bit, running around 130mW. The 635nm Red laser is <10mW, mostly used for amusing cats. And the Cheap Green Laser is a repackaged laser pointer.

The Usual Suspects