I’m Glad Someone Else Did This…

Posted 2006.11.09 1.00 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

…so I wouldn’t have to – the 2nd Generation iPod Shuffle Take-Apart.

I always gotta see the insides of stuff, and with stuff getting smaller and smaller, and not having obvious doors or openings, it makes it harder and harder to get inside stuff. At least, without breaking it.

So when someone else has figured out how to get inside, that’s good. And when they’ve posted a pictorial of the process, that’s even better. So for something that I really like and don’t want to have to destroy to get it open, it’s good, now I can just go look at the pictures and my compulsion to get inside and see how it works, is satisfied.

2nd Gen iPod Shuffle Take-Apart Guide

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