Real Swords, Real Expensive

Posted 2006.11.13 1.00 in Swords by Stephanie

Came across this website while doing some online research into Japanese Swords (aka Nihonto).

This guy’s got some beautiful swords displayed, lots of great pictures and some good info.

What really left me a bit stunned, was his list of for-sale swords. How about a sword with an asking price of… $95,000.00! Yeah, ninety-five thousands, for one sword. Add up everything he’s got for sale right now, it’s worth more than my whole house.

Now, I’m not saying the swords aren’t worth it, they’re beautiful, old, papered, and I’m sure they’re worth every penny. But…who’s got the money to indulge in that hobby? $95,000? Yikes!

Of course, if you do, and you’re looking for some acquisitions, then here’s the link: Check it out!

Fine Japanese Swords

Photo from website.