Vineland Estates Winery

Posted 2006.11.21 1.00 in Wine by Stephanie

My mother and I visited Vineland Estates on Thursday for some tastings and some lunch. Lunch was great, a nice gourmet meal to kick off the day. Like my previous visit to Vineland Estates, this was a pleasant one and the staff at the tasting bar were knowledgable, friendly, helpful, and interested in talking about wine.

Note – for a quick review of the scoring system I use to rate wine, have a look at this post from a few months ago: The Stephanie Scale

Pinot Blanc, 2005, VQA Niagara. Quiet citrus / grapefruit on the nose, and a crisp snappy body led to a medium, fruity and flavourful finish. I enjoyed this wine, and gave it an 88 on the Stephanie Scale. At $18.95 per bottle though I thought it was a bit pricey.

St. Urban Riesling, 2004, VQA Niagara. The nose held exotic florals, minerals, and citrus aromas. The body was light and smooth, and the finish was long with a strong citrus sensation. I quite enjoyed this wine, and it also earned an 88 on the Stephanie Scale. At $20.00 per bottle this one was a bit dear, but I picked up a bottle for later.

Cabernet Franc Reserve – Wismer Vineyard, 2004, VQA Niagara. The nose was loaded with roasted peppers and toasted wood. In the mouth, it was a nice medium-body, well balanced. The finish was long, with more toast, and some vanilla. The tannins were mild but made their presense known. This one was quite good, scoring a 90. Although it was $25.00, I grabbed a bottle of this one too.

Vineland Estates Winery