Ridgepoint Wines

Posted 2006.11.22 1.00 in Wine by Stephanie

Ridgepoint Wines was the second winery of the day, for my mother and I, last Thursday. I’d never even heard of them before, but we were exploring the wineries of the Vineland / Jordan area and were looking for some adventure. The ‘staff’ were helpful and eager to talk about wine, and were very knowledgable. We found out later that the fellow we had been talking to at the counter, was none other than the owner of the winery!

Riesling Medium-Dry, 2005, VQA Niagara. A quiet nose with faint exotic aromas of citrus. The body was rich, somewhat creamy, and with a faint snap to it. The finish was longish, sweet, but with faint fruit. I do prefer my Rieslings to be in the German style, so the Medium-Dry seemed like a good choice, but this one did not have enough acidity to fully balance the sweetness. I gave it an 85 on the Stephanie Scale. At only $14.95 per bottle I picked one up for myself.

Unoaked Chardonnay, 2005, VQA Niagara. I don’t want to be another ABC wine snob (Anything But Chardonnay), so I am willing to give it a try now and then. What I find objectionable is the huge amount of oak that some wineries are using these days, so an Unoaked chard is always something I’m willing to try. This one had some vegetals, particularily corn, in the nose, and some vanilla tones. Medium-bodied and a bit creamy, led to long vanilla and herbal sensations in the finish. I gave this an 86 on the Stephanie Scale, and picked up a bottle for later as well, for $14.95

Nebbiolo, 2002, VQA Niagara. There are some great details on this wine, at the vinyard’s website. The nose was big and bold, with lots of toast, dark dusky wood tones, and roasted peppers. The body was medium, tannic, and a bit bitter. The finish was long and dusky. This one spent a lot of time in oak, and could use some more aging in the bottle.I rated this an 85. At $39.95 per bottle, it is perhaps a bit pricey, but a good big bold wine with some years in it.

Ridgepoint Wines