Kacaba Vineyards

Posted 2006.11.23 1.00 in Wine by Stephanie

The third stop of the day for my mother and I last Thursday was Kacaba Vineyards. As with all the other wineries, the staff were helpful, knowledgable, and eager to talk wines. The only problem I had at Kacaba was that there was a strong odour in the tasting room, kind of a mediciny smell, which greatly impacted my ability to nose their wines.

Riesling, 2004, VQA Niagara. This was a dissapointment for me. I found only sour apples and chemicals on the nose, and it quite put me off the wine. The body was light and mild, and the finish was short, with just enough acidity and fruit to make it refreshing. I could only give this one an 80 on the Stephanie Scale. Kacaba’s Riesling is priced at $14.00 per bottle.

Gypsy White, 2004, VQA Niagara. A blend of Riesling, Muscat Blanc and Pinot Gris. The nose held very strong floral aromas. The body was light, refreshing, crisp and pleasant. The finish was medium and refreshing as well. This wine earned an 87 and at only $12.00 per bottle, it is a steal.

Meritage, 2002, VQA Niagara. Kacaba’s Meritage is a Bordeaux-style blend. The nose was bold, with toasted oak, cassis, and peppers all in attendance. A rull, rich body carrying spicy tannins, but with a creamy mouthfeel, led to a long, fruity, plummy finish. A bold wine with aging potential, I gave this one 88 points. At $40.00 per bottle though it is a bit out of my range.

Kacaba Vineyards

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