Go Buy A Cake!

Posted 2006.11.24 1.00 in Family/Friends by Stephanie

Or a cheesecake. Seriously. No, go do it now! I’ll wait.

Indulge yourself, I say!

How’s this sound? Chocolate cookie crumb base. Grand Marnier infused cheesecake. Mandarin orange slices. Chocolate drizzle. Decadent enough? Mouth watering? It’s what I’m having for dessert right now. You could have it too, just click the link below.

No? Not into chocolate / orange? Ok how about chocolate cookie crumb base, chocolate / Baileys Irish Cream infused cheesecake, cherry topping, and chocolate/Baileys icing? Yeah, that’s right. It’s every bit as good as it sounds.


Cheesecake Decadence
Photo from GetFrosted.com