Off The Face Of The Earth…

Posted 2006.12.18 1.00 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Is where I appearantly have disappeared to.

Sure, it’s the busy time of the year, between family get-togethers, crazy shopping, year-end work, all coming together to keep me busy most of the last week or so. And then when I have had spare time, I’ve been… hanging out in Second Life.

Yeah, it’s compelling. I’ve learned how to use the SL scripting language, and have honed my building techniques. Now I’m able to build things big and small, and make the things do stuff.

I’ve built and torn down a few houses. I’m on my 4th now, which I think will be a keeper. My house has teleport buttons to move from floor to floor, it has voice-activated locks on the doors, and voice-activated window tinting for privacy. There is a voice-activated light, which is also a security bot. It monitors everyone who comes by, and keeps track of them while I’m away. When I return, it tells me everyone that came by while I was gone.

I’ve made some furniture, with pose scripts. And I made a necklace, with a built-in radar function – on command, it tells me everyone within 40 meters of me (name and distance!).

Yeah, ok, it’s a bit addictive. There’s still so much more to build… I still haven’t mastered vehicles yet. I have a prototype flying carpet, it works, it just doesn’t work well yet. I’m about ready to set up a shop in there too, to start selling some of the things I’ve built. I figure there’s got to be a market for low-prim multi-purpose objects and gizmos.

So anyhow, that’s where I’ve been hanging out. My ‘virtual cottage’ in a virtual world.