Translation Solved!

Posted 2006.12.20 1.00 in Swords by Stephanie

A few weeks ago, I asked for help with translating the Mei on the Nakago of a Nihonto which I had recently aquired. (Signature, on the Tang, of a Japanese Sword.)

Well, the other day I finaly received some books that I’d ordered and one of them was a book called The Samurai Sword – A Handbook. I just finished reading it and there was a section which lists various Kanji characters, including lots of different forms.

And there it was, at the bottom of page 115! One of the twelve different forms of the Kanji for “Kane” matched the one on my sword! I had already identified the second Kanji as “Moto”, and this book confirmed what I had learned on the internet.

So, mystery solved, the signature on my Wakizashi is Kanemoto. I still have more research to do in order to confirm other information about the sword, such as the year and place of manufacture, but the data I have so far is that it was in the Mino province, about 1560-ish.

The Samurai Sword Handbook

Kanemoto is the name on this sword.

Six Months!!!

Posted 2006.12.20 1.00 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Holy cow! I just realized that today marks six months since I made my First Post!

Now as of this moment there’s 136 published posts and the counter has logged 2665 visitors. All that from a couple test-posts made while building my Phlogger software (photo / blog management software).

So now, in deference to my Second Post, I’m going to publish the forgotten long-lost(*) first poem of Hamster Q. Pustule. This was one of the thousands of poems Dave Barry inspired, in an ‘attack’ on In the first wave, we were encouraged to include the line “the dog ate mother’s toes” in the body of the poem. So, without further ado:

Oh No by Hamster Q. Pustule
puntable yapping loudly so
annoying guppies high and low
parakeet has seeds to sow
dang hound is in the way, oh no

cats meow, pace to and fro
your blog big brother knows
gerbils beckon, python goes
the dog ate mother’s toes, oh no

ten toe value meal to go
laugh and tease, cruel gecko
echidnas hatching, gotta go
can’t kick the puppy now, oh no

Can’t you just picture that on a T-shirt, mousepad, or inside a handsome leather-bound coffee-table book? Yeah, so could the discerning editors at

* My premier Pustule poem was perceived to have been lost in the pernicious purge, but portentiously, a paper copy was procured during a present desk drawer cleansing and thus this poetic masterwork is hereby preserved for posterity. Pppppppp.