More Fun Stuff in SL

Posted 2007.01.19 1.00 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

So I guess there’s a point when you’ve been just about everywhere you want to be, done just about everything you’ve wanted to do, built most of the stuff you could think of building, and you start to wonder what else can you do. What’s left that’s fun and interesting and new.

And that’s about the time you start wondering what it might be like to be a kitty.

Not just any kitty either – an Itty Biddy Kitty.

Now maybe it’s just me but… I’ve been staring at my new Avatar for about 30 minutes as I run in circles around my virtual land… and seriously, I think it’s the cutest, second funniest thing I’ve seen. An itty biddy kitty, running at top speed, sometimes leaping, all around the virtual landscape.

Maybe you just need to be there, to appreciate it. Oh well. Here’s a pic of itty biddy kitty me, standing on a teleporter.

Itty Bitty Kitty
About 12 or 14 inches tall – itty biddy grey kitty 🙂

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