Introducing the Aero-Putter

Posted 2007.06.10 0.00 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

The Aero-Putter is a two-seater flying machine. Lift is provided by burning of kerosene oil, to heat air trapped in two parchment lift-sacks held to either side of the contraption. Propulsion occurs by means of an aft-mounted four-bladed propeller. The actual engine of the Aero-Putter is driven by a powerful clockwork motor which is sealed beneath the seats. The motor utilizes breakthrough technology of our new patented perma-spring, which never needs rewinding. Each Aero-Putter motor is fully pre-wound at the manufactory.

The Aero-Putter was designed to be a small and whimsical two-person vehicle, ideal for casual touring around. It was not designed for tearing up the skies at 100 miles an hour.

TW and Atashi in an Aero-Putter