My Summer Staycation – Day One

Posted 2007.07.09 0.00 in Work by Stephanie

So, summer holidays! Yeah! I’m not too interested in traveling to wild exotic places, mostly I like to use my holidays to catch up around the house on my sleeping, resting, relaxing, and (time permitting) housework. So, staycation instead of vacation. Right?

In actual fact I had intended to take my staycation last week, right on the heels of Canada Day. However, last week was to have been the wrap-up week for a fairly involved project for a new customer, so I delayed my holidays back a week to allow us to get things wrapped up.

So, first day, holidays, how did I spend my day?

Well, I left the house at about 10 minutes to 8 this morning, would have gone straight to work but last-thing Friday my UPS (Uninteruptable Power Supply / battery backup) on my workstation died, so I had to stop at Staples first and pick up a new one. $110.00 later and I got into the office at about 20 minutes after 8. I spent the morning reading status reports, writing status reports, and chasing down missing customer hardware. Then I went over to the warehouse and spent an hour or two there, inspecting customer hardware and reading documentation. Then back to my office to try and organize the rest of the week, to figure out when I’d be doing the hardware installation at the customer’s Mississauga store, and finding out if I’d have to drive to Ottawa to do the hardware installation at that store too.

What I found out was, the Mississauga store is opening at 12:00 noon tomorrow; I’ll be doing the hardware installation at 9:00 am. Then the Ottawa store opens some time on Thursday of this week; odds are that I’m driving to Ottawa on Wednesday to do the installation there, before the Thursday opening. Then driving back home. So, looks like a very busy, stressful week in store for me.

Hey… wait a minute!

This doesn’t feel like a vacation at all…this feels like…this feels like normal work! Shit!

You know… I don’t think I’m on vacation at all. Damnit.

Chained to the desk.