Posted 2008.05.23 0.00 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

I fixed it I fixed it I fixed it I fixed it!

I got some brass metal strip and cut it to size then made some holes in it to increase surface area, and used some epoxy to fix the metal over the crack on the back. I used more epoxy to build up material on the side as well, and then the face too where it had broken inside.

Epoxy is good and strong but you have to let it set for 24hours to really reach its full strength, so each step took a day of waiting for it to cure before I could turn it around and work on the next bit.

But it’s done now and I’m happy!! 😀

The imposter is back in storage and my HPLX is back in my purse where it belongs.

Its Fixed!
Doesn’t it look so happy?! That’s the HPLX I love!

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