Cycle Saga, Chapter 2

Posted 2008.06.17 0.00 in Sports by Stephanie

I know folks have been on the edge of their seat, waiting to find out the outcome of my most recent expedition deep into the heart of bicycle territory.

So, the bike place did not call me back that night. Nor did they call me all through the following day. I was starting to think maybe I had dodged a bullet, maybe they weren’t going to make me come in and buy the metal thingy that props up the back wheel so you can ride indoors (aka a “Trainer”).

Sometimes, I am so naive and foolish.

They must have telepathic sensors or something, because they were able to tell exactly when I stopped worrying about it, and that was their cue to pounce! They called and told me the “Trainer” was in, so I could come and “see” it. Trapped, unable to escape, I brightly thanked them and told them I’d be there in the morning.

Happily, the morning staff were a different crew and therefore I was assured once again of at least a little delay before revealing my cycle-ignorance. Even better, the fellow who I actually ended up speaking with was not immediately horrified at my lack of bike-smarts, nor was he the least bit condescending either. When I asked how the metal thingy actually worked to prop up the wheely bits (or words to that effect) he grabbed a display bike and showed me exactly what to do, from start to finish.

After such great service, I really had no option but to buy the “Trainer”. It is a bright red colour which I think clashes badly with my (purple) bike. However, people won’t see me riding it, so I needn’t worry about any fashion faux-pas. I’ll save that till when I’m ready to actually ride outside, when the hard-core cyclists can fall off their bikes in fits of giggles when they see what I think is appropriate cycling clothes. (hint: whatever I happen to be wearing when I sit on my bike).

As we went to ring up my $200 “Trainer” so I could prop up the back wheel of my (purple) bike, I also grabbed some reflectors and a tail light. After all, safety counts and the last thing I want is to get rear-ended by some car who didn’t see me while I’m cycling in my livingroom at night infront of the TV.

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