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Posted 2008.11.02 0.00 in Swords by Stephanie

My custom falchion project, part two…

So after the tang and pommel cooled from the hot peening, it was about 2 minutes on the grinder to smooth down the peen, then about 10 minutes with a small file to give it a bit of shape and blend it to the pommel, then about 30 or 40 minutes of sanding to polish it and all. Next step: the grip core.

Now, I’ve made quite a few sword grips, and knife grips. None though have been quite like this. In past grip projects, either I’ve made the grip separately to be slid onto the tang when finished, or I’ve made the grip, guard and pommel all out of wood, or it’s been made to be rivetted in place… in each case though, it was relatively easy to work on the wood then attach it to the tang later. In this case though, because the tang is permanently in place, as is the guard, the only way the grip can go on is the ‘sandwich method’. And — because I mean to do a wrap on the grip, I have to keep the core very thin. So thin that it was starting to crack when I was trying to work it in a vice.

So I have had to mount it to the tang, and will have to finish the shaping once the glue has cured. Except I seriously do not want to get files or sandpaper anywhere near the pommel or guard, now that they are all polished and finished.

Anyhow, it’ll be a day before I can get back to work on it and hope I don’t mess anything up.

Half finished grip core, clamped in place.

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