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Posted 2008.12.05 1.00 in Life On Drugs by Stephanie

If you only have one ruler in the house, then that’s what you rely on for all the things you have to measure. Without it, you can tell relative things, like A is bigger than B but smaller than C, but you need the ruler if you want to know difinitively what A is.

If your ruler is a cloth / fabric measuring tape, or if it is a wooden yardstick, then there is also the possibility that over time, the ruler may stretch, contract, or warp, so that it’s no longer accurate. When this happens gradually, you might not even realize it – If the ruler is gradually changing size, then over time your measurements are more and more skewed. But without a second ruler, you don’t know this – all you know is A is still bigger than B but smaller than C. Everything is skewed at the same pace, when the ruler is off.

Eventually you may figure out that the ruler is wrong. When its warped or changed enough that you just know the measurements are inaccurate. Still, you can compensate. You know the ruler is too-long or too-short so when you use it, you automatically adjust the results to be what you figure is correct.

Where it starts getting wierd is, if someone tells you that over the next two weeks they’re going to gradually change the size of your ruler, to restore its accuracy. Now, every time you need to measure something, you’re wondering if the ruler has been changed or not. Hyper-analyzing, second-guessing, wondering if its giving you accurate information or not. Is the mesurement accurate? Is it real? Do you still need to compensate? Did the ruler just change? Is the object you’re measuring getting larger (or smaller) or is it the ruler? What’s going on?

This, is why I find mind-altering drugs to be so freaky. How do you know what’s real, what’s “you”, and what’s the chemical? What is real anyways? And what are we?

What is the Ego, and what is the Soul? Is the Ego just the sum of our knowledge, memories, and experiences? Or is that the Soul? Or is it not just the sum collection, but how we interpret the sum collection, how we respond and react to it — our “personality”? What makes you, you? And if the outward image of you is changed, is that still you, or is that something else? What if the inward image changes? What if…and so on. I do believe that how we view and react to the world around us is entirely coloured by our perceptions, and our perceptions in turn are filtered by our experiences, “knowledge”, and memories. So if an ‘outside influence’ starts to affect our perceptions that would change our world. And if our world changes, then that would also change our new experiences, new memories, new knowledge, hence altering our interpretations of said perceptions. Therefore our reactions, behavior would change accordingly… the world would change and we’d change with it.

But is it real? Many questions.
No answers, though. Just a little white pill with a name I cannot remember, but my brain turned all the letters in the name into a new word, “cryptospam”. That is probably not a proper anagram (I suck at anagrams) but it’s what I perceive when I look at the name.

It raises my curiosity slightly that there is a logo on one side of the pill that, from some angles, looks like a capital G but from another angle, looks like an “On/Off” button on a computer.

Do the pills turn us “On”? Or turn us “Off”. That is, do they turn us “On” by empowering and promoting the positive aspects of our perceptions, memories, experiences? Or do they turn us “Off” by suppressing whatever is being troublesome… Yeah, more questions, no answers.

CryptoSpam, the Mind Altering Drug


Posted 2008.12.05 1.00 in Life On Drugs by Stephanie

Gritty is how I feel now. A bit nervous, a bit edgy, a bit fidgety, and gritty. Also, my fingers are cold.

And I have made up a jingle for cryptospam and it’s stuck in my head. Sing it to the “Mr. Plow” tune from the Simpsons:

Crypto-Spam can change your brain,
So change your brain, with Crypto-Spam!

Ok the jingle isn’t gritty, but everything else is.

Gritty at work
It doesn’t look like this, but it feels like this.