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Posted 2008.12.08 1.00 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

So I’m hearing things about wordpress, and maybe it’s better to use that since this bloggish software I wrote 2 years ago is ok but hasn’t got a lot of the features that a full featured blog program would, and it’s kind of dumb to reinvent the wheel when something better is out there for free. My sister is getting a wordpress site set up for her and I’m thinking that once hers is running I will look into how its done and see about converting this site to wordpress, but every time I start to think too hard about it I get overwhelmed with exhaustion and it seems like a lot of work. I’m wondering now if there’s like a book or something, sort of like WordPress for Tired, Distracted, Discombobulated Impatient Dummies With Short Attention Spans.

I’m also just anal enough that I would need to move all 227 posts from this software over into WordPress so that everything is neat and tidy and in one place. And that also seems like an exhausting ordeal.

Still, maybe I’ll do it one of these days. It might be a CFT(*) project.

(* CFT = Copious Free Time, a term coined by the scientist / musician / comedian Tom Lehrer which in my family has come to mean, “just before the end of creation” because nobody ever has any free time, and if they do get some free time, they sure as heck don’t want to waste it on a CFT project.)

Speaking of which, Tom Lehrer is very clever and funny. Go and buy some of his albums and listen to them.

(edit: that’s 228 posts, now.)

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