The Rundown

Posted 2009.03.13 0.00 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Here’s what’s going on, in no particular order:

• I’m still playing around in SecondLife, although the company that owns it (Linden Lab) is working their very hardest to destroy everything through mismanagement, poor decisions, and an ongoing failure to understand who their customers really are.

• I’m still very busy with work, and it’s still at near-fatal levels of stress…

• For which I’m still taking crypto-spam, although my dosage has been doubled. And so far so good — no freak-outs yet, anyways.

• When I have time, I’m learning more about WordPress and preparing to set up a few WordPress blogs, for myself and others. At some point this mess will all (hopefully) be migrated over with a slightly new look and better design, and comments and all that wonderful stuff.

• I’ve recently become a registered iPhone developer and am working on my first few iPhone (and iPod Touch) applications. Between this and the WordPress stuff, that pretty much eliminates all other free time projects for now.

• Still intensely depressed when I stop and think about it. So as long as I keep my mind occupied every waking minute with work-work and hobby-work, I’m ok, more or less.

That’s why the posts are few and far between lately – I’m too busy doing stuff to stop and blog about what I’m doing. I do have a long list of stuff to post here, and sooner or later I’ll stop and actually post it.

Till then, take care, stay sane. Oh, and happy Friday 13th!