Brrrr. I’z Cold!

Posted 2009.03.24 13.08 in Cats, Photography by Stephanie
Kitty disapproves of the plan to reduce the heating bill.

Pixie disapproves of the plan to reduce the heating bill.

Went to buy Staples…

Posted 2009.03.24 10.51 in Computers/Internet/Technology, Photography by Stephanie

…and got me a new digital camera too!  Nothing too fancy – yeah I’ve been tempted by a digital SLR with interchangable lenses and all, but they’re so expensive and I so can’t justify that.  But the Staples had some 9MP cameras on their close-out table, and for $90 it was a pretty good score I think.  My prior digital camera (an HP) was starting to fail.  It used proprietary battery packs which were not keeping a charge any more and cost a ton to replace.  This one takes AAs so I can use rechargables or in a pinch, any old Alkelines.  

My iMac with dual heads, and my clutter.

My iMac with dual heads, and my clutter.

This new one is a Kodak “EasyShare C913”, relatively small size, good-size screen.  No optical viewfinder, which I used to insist on but have been using less and less lately.  I don’t know yet how good the lens is (I’m guessing, ‘not very’) but for just snaps here and there, for web pics, it should be acceptable.

If I do decide to get back into photography then at that point I’ll look into a serious DLSR.  For now, a cheapie from the close-out table is good enough.  (Seems to me that I got the HP on closeout too.)

Oh yeah, and I remembered to buy the staples!  Nothing like picking up a $4 box of office supplies and ending up with a $90 toy at the same time. 🙂

Are You A Pirate?

Posted 2009.03.24 10.04 in Music/Movies/TV by Stephanie

Ok, this should be the last silly song for a while.  Probably.  No promises.

Are You a Pirate?

Are You a Pirate?