The Risk of a Rant

Posted 2009.04.04 10.10 in Family/Friends, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

So I have some more stuff to talk about, but it occurs to me that if I were to grumble or rant about, say, family, coworkers, customers, etc. that it’s possible that someone may come across this stuff and realize it is referring to them, and then what?

But then I remember that the majority of my family don’t know what a blog is and never visit my website, that someone in Upper Tibequistan with an internet connection can know more about me than my folks… and coupled with the I-forgot-my-cryptospam-again-yesterday it’s not that big a deal I guess.

So family first, work later, if I’m still in a ranting mood. ¬†Grumbles continue below the fold.

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