Don’t Forget the Cryptospam!

Posted 2009.04.05 8.54 in Life On Drugs, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

So this isn’t the first time I forgot to take my pillz – it’s hard to remember ever darn day. And the cryptospam seems to have a built-in reminder mechanism – if you miss a day, then the following day there are dizzy spells, nervous twitches and shakes, and general heebie-jeebieness.  Hard to miss, really.

Yet I managed to completely forget yesterday, in spite of the brain-addling reminders.

Every time I’d get an attack of the dizzies, or a wave of nervous twitching or whatever, I was either in the middle of something, or didn’t have access to the drugs. Like, I spent a lot of yesterday at work, and was too busy to stop and take pills. Then I was at the grocery store for a bit. Then when I finally got home, I had a rest. Kept forgetting.

So, 72 hours without the cryptospam – bad move. The dizzyspells are worse, the nervous twitching is worse, and the heebie-jeebies are (yeah you guessed it) worse.

Worse than worse though, is just like that, the deep deep dark terrible despair is back. I don’t even want to get into that – if I started on about what’s rattling around in my head, people would be all freaked out and 911-ing me. Anyhow the message is clear – don’t forget to take the darn drugs.

So I guess, any question of whether the cryptospam actually does its thing has been answered: Yep it works (but only if you actually take it.) So you bet I made darn sure I had some this morning. I just wonder how long it will take to make the dizziness, twitchiness, heebie-jeebiness go away. Not to mention, that dark nasty cloud over my head…

In the meantime I’m back at work again.  The score Friday was Severs 2, Stephanie 0.  Yesterday I made back some ground, Servers 1, Stephanie 1. Today I’m going to try and beat the buggers.


  1. Hey – how come I don’t get a link on your blog? I read your blog AND leave comments…..!!!

    You suck.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I wasn’t sure which site to link to – the site you said was going to be your #1 site is not that keen yet, and the site that is all active and happening you said you want to make secondary to the main one…
    So I was waiting for you to get all up into the techno-jiggery-pokery.
    Anyhow, fixed now, I linked to your active site, and will switch it to the other site when the jigger-pokery happens.

  3. Lezley says:

    I’ve decided to keep both… will be where all the action happens – but I’ll continue to buy the domain and I’ll redirect to

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