Peculiarist Dream of 2009 (So Far)

Posted 2009.04.09 9.36 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

So I wake up and I’m in a hospital bed, in a hospital ward. I don’t remember what happened, but I have a headache and I’m a bit dizzy / lightheaded, so I figure I must have banged my head and had a concussion. The doctors and nurses are very nice, and I learn that I’m in a hospital in Paris. This doesn’t phase me, although I don’t remember going to France. And oddly, everyone speaks English.

Paris hospital


Anyhow, I end up convalescing around the ward for a while, making some friends, generally slacking off. After what seems like a day or two, I figure I’ve recovered enough and tell the doctors that I’m ready to leave.

They agree, and one of the nurses helps me get ready to go. She finds my clothes and I get changed out of the hospital gown and into real clothes. As I’m about ready to head off, it occurs to me to ask how long I have been there. (Strangely, it never occured to me to ask why I was there in the first place.)

So I’m expecting 2 or 3 days, and she tells me it’s been over 3 months!

My mind reels – is that 3 months in total, or 3 months since I woke up? My perception of time is all askew. Then I start worrying – what about my work, my house, my cats? Will they be ok? Will they still be there when I get back?

Then I realize I have to call my mum and let her know where I am and that I’m ok. I know she doesn’t know where I am because if she did know I’d been in a hospital somewhere for 3 months, she’d be there with me.

So that’s when I wake up, thinking I have to call my mum. Wierd wierd dream…


  1. Lezley says:

    Yep – weird.

    Last night I dreamed I was in a National Lampoon’s Family Vacation with Chevy Chase – but not a movie, it was my actual family… and I was one of a dozen kids….

  2. Stephanie says:

    Oooh neat – what was Chevy like in person?
    He seems to get a bad rap but I always thought he was funny.

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