Stupid Math Question

Posted 2009.04.10 11.00 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Train “A” leaves the station in Honolulu heading north-east at 125 miles per hour. Train “B” leaves Anchorage at exactly the same time, travelling south-west at 150 miles per hour. The two trains are on the same single-track line, but this track has sidings every 250 miles to allow trains to pass. The crew of train “A” has been drinking heavily, while the crew of train “B” has not slept in two days.

Can you tell how many sidings both trains will pass before one of them must pull over so they can cross?

Use the comments section to answer. Answers must be phrased in the form of an answer.


  1. Lezley says:

    Christ – I zoned out before I even finished. You shouldn’t be allowed…..

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  3. Leon says:

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    Oh yeah, like your blog. Leon

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