Woo-hoo Craigslist!

Posted 2009.04.10 16.38 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

So the more I’ve been using my iPod Touch, the more I’ve been eyeing an iPhone. The thought of having one less thing to carry around is attractive, and face it – iPhones are cool.

The biggest reason for me to not get one though, is the thought of having to sign away my soul to Rogers for a super-expensive 3 year contract. I prefer to just buy phone hardware separately, and get whatever carrier package I want/need. So I haven’t thought too much about it.



Then I woke up one morning thinking about this Craigslist thing I’ve heard about – like classifieds, searchable and all that jazz. So I try it out, find the Toronto one, do a search, and pow, there’s a handful of used iPhones all around. I scan a few ads, pick one that seems reasonably close, send an email, got one back fairly fast, and the deal was done.

Under 2 hours from initial idea to having a reasonably-new iPhone in hand. I checked with Apple’s website and it has 10 months left on the warranty, too. Groovy.

Now I just have to learn to actually use it! 🙂

It sure is nifty though.


  1. Lezley says:

    OMG!!!! I’m so jealous!! I want an iPhone too!!! How much was yours? grumble, grumble… I spent 3 hours last night looking at iPhone cases for a phone I don’t own yet.


    ooooh – shiny.


    OMG!OMG! Awesome beautiful art on your phone!!!


  2. Stephanie says:

    Are the shiny ones made of metal? Or even if they’re metalized plastic… there are reasons you don’t want to cover up cellular, wi-fi and bluetooth antennas behind a metal shield…

    The gelaskins are super pretty – can you design your own? I remember a place that let you design your own cell / computer covers, that was really neat.

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