How I Know When I’m Busy

Posted 2009.04.17 7.58 in Pointless Blather, Work by Stephanie

Of course, generally speaking, I know when things get really busy because my backlog of work gets bigger and bigger and I seem to have less and less time. But exactly how busy things get… that is the question.

I have a half dozen web comics that I follow every day, my morning ‘ritual’ includes checking in and reading the daily strips while I have a coffee.

Every morning, I get my comics fix, then get on with my day.

What I find though is now and then, I go through the list of them and start to suspect I’ve missed something. Like, some of them seem to be in the middle of a storyline that I don’t know anything about. So I page back through them and discover that I’ve missed two, three, four days. ¬†What?

I don’t remember not-reading them, but when I get really busy — like when I step into the office and pow! bang! ring! buzz! stuff’s going on before I even take my coat off and sit down, then I miss my morning-comic-ritual and don’t even realize it.

So here I think I’ve been reading it every day but at times I’ve missed up to a week’s worth, and don’t even know it!

That’s how I know I’m overbusied.