Credit Card Fraud!

Posted 2009.04.18 10.33 in Computers/Internet/Technology, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

So I’m going through my accounting stuff today. It’s a whole bunch of no-fun so I tend to procrastinate it as long as I can. And believe me, I can procrastinate like the pros. In fact, I majored in procrastination. My thesis on procrastination was awesome. Or at least, it will be, when I finish it. And I will. Eventually. Ok I didn’t actually major in procrastination – I mean, I meant to go to university but something came up. Possibly something shiney, or with blinking lights… But I digress.

Anyhow, I do pay my bills on time, and I do check my credit card statements when they come in. I’m fairly diligent about my dollars (heck I even have a savings account!  With money in it!) It’s the non-bill sorts of things I tend to put off.  Like all the various junkmail-ish looking letters that come in from banks and stuff. And taxes, I tend to wait till the last minute for that too.

Anyhow so I finally open a letter from a bank and it’s all “Oooh our fraud specialists want to talk to you, call this 800 number!” So I ring them up, go through 10 minutes of trying to prove that I really am who I say I am (I’d love to do that to them actually – ring up your bank and just start asking questions:  Date of birth? Mother’s maiden name? Name of your first pet? Favorite sports team? What city were you born in? — see how they like it.) and finally she decides I am who I am, and tells me theres been suspicious looking internet charges on my account. Now I do use that card for internet purchases now and then, but honestly can’t remember the last time I used it. So she goes off to call up info, and I start digging through my records to find my statements. 

As I said, I do check my statements and I know I haven’t seen anything untoward on them. Anyhow she comes back and there was like $900 charged one day, $1000 charged the next, then the third day — I cut her off, no way those aren’t mine. I find my statements and I can tell her when was the last time I used the card myself – over a month ago. Oh, what’s that sound?

Yep, alarm bells.

You know how it is – courier comes to the door with a package, whopping big COD on it for brokerage and duties, no cash, so you card it. Essentially give a total stranger working a low-paying job your full name, card number, expirey date, and everything else necessary to run a charge through. It seems ok though because he’s in a uniform.

Now, I’m not going to name names, on account of I figure UPS has a legal team and wouldn’t want me to say stuff – that’s why I didn’t even mention that the guy’s uniform was brown, or that he drove a brown truck. But anyways – like I said, alarm bells.

Of course, to be fair, it’s not necessarily what it seems to be. It’s just, that’s the only time I’ve used that card in all of 2009, and it was not long after that, when the bogus charges were attempted. Ironic though, all the talk you hear about not using your card on teh interwebz because of dangerousness, and odds are it was an in-person event that led to the shenanigans.

And not to forget, props and credit where it’s due – the fraud specialists at Capital One are on the ball and saved me from undue stress and worry. And these days – anyone who can take some stress off me gets a big thankyou!  Hugz to Stacey at CapOne!

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  1. Lezley says:

    Holy Shit! Every time I turn around someone’s got a story of when their credit card was fraudulated, or how the bank froze their card or whatever…

    You know – it may be that the actual number stealing was done months or even years ago? One customer last week told me that the bank contacted her because they found her number in a stack of numbers and info through a sting operation. The bank said her info could have been stolen anytime in the last 3 years!!

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