Posted 2009.05.03 9.33 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

I had a dream last night, of a new business opportunity! I had it all worked out.

You have parents who maybe want a night out, for their anniversary or to see a movie or something. Or maybe they want to go off for a week’s vacation. What to do with the kids? Bring them along? Expensive, disruptive, probably not going to make you many friends with the other diners / moviegoers / vacationers, and you spend all your time looking after the young-uns and not enjoying yourself. 

Babysitting? Sure, but it can get expensive. And who do you call? The teenager from down the road? Are they really capable of looking after the kids? What if something goes wrong? And if you’re going away for a week, what then? The costs add up.

What to do? What if there was a way you could earn some money from the little ones, whether it’s for only a few hours, or even a few weeks – and knowing that the kids will be fully insured and guaranteed?

Right! Just register with the Rent-A-Kid agency, let them know the time, date, duration that the little darlings will be available, and Rent-A-Kid does the rest! Odds are, there are lots of folks out there who would be happy to rent a kid or two for a while. Potential clients could include:

  • Childless couples looking to enjoy the pleasures of children, but only in small doses.
  • Teachers’ schools, who need children to help break-in / haze the new teachers.
  • Dickensian manufactories in need of a cheap transient work force.
  • Television and movie producers, in need of low-cost extras.
  • Laboratories that have promised not to test on animals.
  • And more!

Naturally, Rent-A-Kid won’t just turn over your children to just anyone – proper credit checks will be run, clients need to be over 25, and a large security deposit would have to be rettained. There would be before- and after-inspections, to ensure that little Timmy was returned in the exact same condition as he was rented out in, otherwise the client would lose their security deposit.

Rent-A-Kid would guarantee that when you returned to collect your precious darling, you would receive back your precious young one (or a child of equal value) in good condition — and of course you would also receive your profit from the rental term! All in all, it would be a win-win scenario!

Anyhow, of all the dreams I’ve had lately, this was definately one of them…

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  1. Lezley says:

    Eeeeeuuuuuwwwwww….. so twisted.

    “of all the dreams I’ve had lately, this was definately one of them…”

    Yes, it was definitely one of them. Cut back on the cryptospam.

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