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Posted 2009.06.14 9.31 in Hobbies, Photography by Stephanie

Zebra Danios (Danio rerio) have been described as “spazzy” fish who “do everything fast”. They are playful, schooling fish who like to hang out in groups and play around with each other. “Chase” or “tag” seem to be their favorite games. As such, it’s quite difficult getting these little guys to slow down enough to get a picture! Thank goodness for digital cameras, otherwise there’d be about a dozen blurry streaks for every clear pic.

Some of my Zebra Danios

I have a half dozen of them in my aquarium, they’re quite fascinating to watch. Their appearance is not so elaborate, but they are quite amusing and entertaining.

Two Danios

Zebra Danios (aka zebrafish) are hardy and inexpensive, a good choice for beginers. In fact some people use them merely to help ‘cycle’ their tank (get the water and filter system fully prepared for supporting fish) before putting in other fancier fish, basically using the danios just as a tool to prep the tank.

Personally I think they’re interesting enough on their own. ┬áThis last pic shows an albino zebra danio that snuck in with the regular ones.

Albino zebra danio

The albino lacks the dark pigment so there are no dark stripes, but still has the shimmer where the stripes would be. It’s kind of cool looking, except it also makes it easier to see the insides which is a bit wierd.

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