Happy Snails

Posted 2009.06.15 21.06 in Aquaria, Photography by Stephanie

So yeah, I’m all about snails and fish and aquariums and snails at the moment.

When I first set up my aquarium I had a little decoration thingy in there that looked like some old ruins – pseudo-interesting to me, but meaningless to the fish and snail. In my reading, I learned that snails like somewhere to hide, and I could see Speed Racer was definately looking for a hiding place – he’d tuck into the plants, try and get behind the heater, hang out dangerously close to the filter intake, and so on. None of these spots were ideal though – none of them were in shade and he really wasn’t hidden.

So today I removed the ornamental thing, and put in an old (well cleaned) coffee cup. It’s funny how the best things are the simple things. Speed Racer looked at it, did a lap of the aquarium, watched the cup for a while, then made himself at home. 🙂

Coffe Cup Cave

While I was watching him, I then noticed a surprise – a baby snail sneaking around the back of the tank! This little sneak probably stowed-away on one of the plants, I don’t know what species it is but it’s fast too. I’m starting to think that snails (or at least, aquatic snails) are just routinely a lot faster than we expect them to be.

The new guy is too small to get a decent picture of in the tank, but I pulled him out and got a snap of his shell before I dropped him back in.


He’s about 4mm from the very front to the tip of his spire, and about 2.5mm across.

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