Random Stuff

Posted 2009.06.19 14.22 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

iPhone 3Gs came out today. It has a compass. Also there’s something about improved speed, better camera, whatever. Compass! I got mine at 9am this morning, before going to work. Mmm technology… Now if only they’d add a blinky light. I miss blinky lights.

Cats & Doots: What is the deal here? I buy them little toy mousies with catnip inside, and they stuff them behind the sofa or under the fridge. I get them little balls and they hide them behind the TV. Whatever toys I get for them, they quickly lose. But if someone makes a little round doot that’s not too squishy, they bat it all over the house so I can eventually find it in the living room. Cat doots do not belong in the living room!

Hyperactive Snail: My applesnail Speed Racer went into spazz mode last night, he was just a nonstop snailing machine. Playful – climbing to the top of the aquarium then parasnailing down to the bottom. Industrious – he was digging holes, moving gravel one lump at a time. Raucous – at one point he dropped everything and raced across the tank to punch out the little pond snail (I don’t know what the pond snail said, but it must have been offensive.) All in all it was a fascinating evening of snail-watching.

Robert Filterfeeder with Geometric Trousers: This weekend is my niece’s and nephew’s birthday, and the party theme has to do with a stationary aquatic filterfeeder named Robert, who wears trousers with a simple geometric form. So…yay?

Buy my parents’ house! They want to move to Orangeville so they can be closer to the grandkids. You don’t wanna deprive grandkids of ready access to nana and papa do you? Buy this house!