First the Ranting, now the Raving

Posted 2009.06.20 19.10 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Today is the birthday celebration for my little niece and nephew. They’re twins. They’re going to be 5 years old tomorrow.

I nearly missed the party – not because I forgot, or was late or anything. It was because there’s a parade down Main Street and when that happens, they close off either end of the street I live on. They don’t close my street – it’s a sort of side-street, and they don’t close traffic on it. But they do close traffic on the two larger streets at either end of my street. So I am free to drive up and down my little street all I want (less than 500 meters long), but I am not allowed to leave.

And you see, because my street is never actually closed, there are never any notices provided that there are going to be road closures. ┬áSo this morning when I saw a sign saying there would be a parade this afternoon, I realized there could be trouble. The parade is going from 2pm to 4pm. I wanted to be at the party at 4:30pm, so I’d need to leave about 3:30ish.

I checked the city’s website, no information about road closures. I checked the local newspaper’s website, no information about road closures. Why the hell don’t they have a posting, or even a crude hand-drawn map? Just something to say, yeah, we’re going to shut down these roads at this time. They do mention that Main Street will be closed for the parade, well duh. But they always park all the trucks and vehicles on the streets surrounding my little street, and I want to know if they’re doing that again. Appearantly it’s a big secret though. Asshats. I bet noone on city council lives on my street.

So at a little after 1:00pm I went out to get gas, and just in case, I took the kids’ gifts with me. Good thing, too. I just barely escaped, they were setting up the barricades and I just squeeked by.

The first time this happened, by the way, I had gone grocery shopping, and then was on my way home when I got caught at the barricade. I was gone less than 45 minutes, and in that time things went from not even a sign, to fully shut down / no access. I had to plead with a cop to let me through so I could get my groceries home – had to tell him my address to ‘proove’ I lived there.

Grumble grumble mutter swear curses hell and poop. Parades – PTOOEY! Oh what I’d give for a good solid thunder storm…

Time for a Rant

Posted 2009.06.20 13.47 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Ninnies with SUVs. Bad enough that people who never leave city limits are driving around town in their big chunky SUVs, but what the hell is it with people buying 4WD offroad vehicles then driving them like they’re made of glass?!

I was driving through a parking lot this morning, and in a hurry so I went around the back of the mall so as to avoid the traffic, pedestrians, and nitwits who stop in the go-lane to stare furtively for a parking space. Around the back are no shops, just a straight-away to the exit, punctuated by 7 or 8 mild speedbumps. Did I mention I was in a hurry? Infront of me is some ninnie in a Honda CRV and at each speedbump they literally brought the car to a full stop, then inched it over the bump.

Holy frackin’ asscrackers!

I could have pushed that car over a speedbump faster than they were driving it. It’s a freaking SUV and they’re treating it like it’s made of spun sugar and farts!

I drive a Toyota Rav4 and the CRV is the Honda version – that is to say, they’re the same size and have the same target market. The RAV4 can take those speedbumps at 25mph without a second thought. Hell I could go over curbs faster than this ninny was handling speedbumps.

Bah! If you want to drive like that, get something fragile and expensive, then lower the shocks so you have 1″ of ground clearance!

As noone was coming the other direction I simply went into the other lane and went around them. And for the record – as I blasted by, I checked and they didn’t have any wedding cakes, fabrege eggs, or cases of beer in the back, so there was No Excuse for driving like that!