Chippy at the BBQ

Posted 2009.07.05 21.29 in Photography by Stephanie

One of the neighborhood squirrels came to the BBQ on Canada Day. This is Chippy, he was incredibly brave, coming within a few feet of us all to get at the chips and other goodies.


What a Week

Posted 2009.07.05 20.58 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

No activity here means lots of stuff going on elsewhere. Wednesday was Canada Day (happy Canada Day everyone!) and of course it was a holiday, but the other weekdays weren’t – so two days of work, one day off, two more days of work. Not so bad right? Except that I was having my annual Canada Day BBQ on Wednesday, so I had to get everything ready for that, then Thursday was month-end at work so there was no time to kick back and relax / recover, it was up and off to work first thing Thursday morning.

Anyhow, the BBQ seemed to go well, lots of fun and food and all that. And the weather cooperated. I won’t divulge my secrets, but we had a few sprinkles of rain at the very start, and a few at the very end, but it was dry through the whole afternoon and early evening of fun… while everywhere else in town (and outside town) had rain on and off throughout the day.

So, all in all, another successful Canada Day bbq. But a long, tiring week.