Pissed Off About The Bag Tax

Posted 2009.07.07 16.29 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

I stopped in at my local A & P today on my way home. Just for a few quick things I needed to pick up – not a full blown shopping expedition. So naturally I didn’t have a handy supply of reusable canvas shopping bags with me.

Yeah the local shops here have started charging 5 cents for the plastic bags, and advertising the reusable ones they charge you $2.00 for. Which is fine. The canvas ones are more comfortable on the hands anyways, and a nickle is pretty meaningless small change now.

I don’t care if the retailers get to keep the nickle or if it goes to the city or province or whatever. It doesn’t make a bit of difference where the money goes – it comes out of my purse, and its levied at the register like all the other taxes. It’s the bag tax. But whether it goes to the retailer, the city, province, nation, the united nations, or they melt them all  down and make a giant rocket and launch them to heaven, I don’t really care about that. Its still just a nickle.

What really pisses me off about the bag tax is that the cashiers seem to be programmed to use as few bags as possible. A few months ago I thought they were wasteful for using 6 plastic bags where 4 or 5 would suffice. Now they’re trying to squeeze 3 bags worth of stuff into a single bag.

So today, with my few things, when she asked if I needed bags I said yes. Two please. I knew what I had wouldn’t fit in a single bag and I didn’t want it all squished. She proceeded to jam everything into a single bag, and I mean jam, with stuff hanging out, shit sitting on top ready to fall out, and was all perky like there I did it!

Just for the record: I want my bread un fucking squished. Tomatoes un fucking bruised. And if I have a bag of chips, I want my chips to be un fucking crushed.

After she rang up the bill and I paid her, I then stood there and dug around till I found a nickle, gave it to her, then leaned over and helped myself to a bag, then stood there and repackaged it the way it should have been done in the first place.

If this happens again I’m going to slam down a $20 and tell her I want four hundred fucking bags so I can wrap each slice of bread indifuckingvidually to ensure the loaf doesn’t get squished, and every goddamn tomato will have a dozen bags of packaging because I don’t want them bruised.

It is bullshit saying this nickle thing is good for the environment. It is a tax. If they were serious about the environment, they’d charge $5 each for the plastic disposable bags and keep the resuable ones at $2. For that matter if they were serious they’d just ban the fucking plastic bags in the first place. That would be acceptable.

But don’t think you’re doing some monumental favour of saving me a fucking nickle while you squash all my groceries together – because I know what will happen shortly thereafter.  The goddamn bag will split open because you squished something hard and pointy in there with everything else and it poked a hole through the plastic.

This is why I am pissed off about the bag tax.

End of rant.

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