Head vs. Mind vs. Brain

Posted 2009.07.10 10.43 in Life On Drugs by Stephanie

I get this thing. I call it “micro-dizzies”. It’s like flashes of dizziness, but they’re very short, like little staccato bursts of dizziness. Each one is too short to actually be a problem, but they come all in a row and cumulatively leave me feeling kind of wierded out.

After much reflection and observation, the best way I can describe it is that it feels as if my mind is not firmly attached to my brain. That is to say, the physical meatstuff inside my noggin and the etherical “me” are not in proper sync. My mind seems to have a very slight lag to it – like a tenth of a second, or less. So that as my head moves around, causing my brain to move around within it, my mind is not moving at quite the same time. Like when you see trails, only it’s happening to all my senses.

Needless to say, I am still taking the cryptospam and I choose to blame the drug for this.

I should add, this effect is not on all the time – it comes and goes. It isn’t exactly debilitating or anything, just wierd. Heebie-jeebie wierd. It isn’t severe enough to be really annoying, but it isn’t fun enough to be trippy. However, it does remind me of a short story I read back in grade school about a guy who figured out how to astral project, while walking along and turning left while his mind/attention got distracted and went right. His body wandered along till it tripped over something, while his mind wandered around having a good day.

They gave us some freaky shit to read back when I was in grade school. (Thanks Mr. MacArthur! You ruled grades 5 & 6! Big Mac Attack shoutout!)

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