Industrial-Strength Geese

Posted 2009.07.12 9.27 in Photography, Uncategorized by Stephanie

I work in an industrial park type area – factories, auto body shops, office buildings, et cetera. The area is bordered by an 8-lane freeway, a big 6-lane traffic-artery, and two 4-lane major roads. It’s all asphalt, tar macadam, concrete and brick, punctuated with the occasional grass lawn or weed-infested ditch. Speaking of which, a drainage ditch runs through the area, carrying industrial runoff and trash on a journey that eventually links up with the region’s drinking-water supply.

But I digress.

ducksIn spite of all this, the industrial area is home to at least two separate permanent gopher populations, and this spring it has been home to eight adult geese – who proceeded to hatch and raise four hoards of babies. While the babies still had their baby-down, I was able to count over 20 of them, along with the four proud couples of parents.

Aside from the sheer perserverence of Mother Nature, I am also impressed and happy that everyone is willing to stop and give the geese safe passage, when they choose to cross all the busy roads. Business-men, truck drivers, delivery-persons, everybody stops when the geese roam out into traffic.

It gives me a good feeling.