Magical Miracle Mystery Babies? POSERS!

Posted 2009.07.13 17.21 in Aquaria by Stephanie

So a week ago I found baby snails in my aquarium. I was all surprised because my snails lay eggs and there had been no eggs – not even any mating. Consensus was that the trio of babies had hitch-hiked in on a plant or something. It happens.

But then, I kept finding more of them. And more of them. The count stands at eight now, and they are not all the same size. Most are about 3.5mm in diameter, but two are runts, half that size. Something just didn’t seem to add up.

group1I went back to the forums, asked some more questions, and learned some more stuff. There’s a species called Bithynia tentaculata which is native to Europe but is an introduced species in North America. Commonly caled the “Faucet Snail“, it’s the same basic shape as an apple snail, but in miniature. Even has an operculum (shell door). But no lungs, its a water breather. Oh and as an added bonus, Bithynia can carry diseases that are transferable to humans! Neat-o!

baby5While I’m not yet ready to call it 100%, it is unfortunately looking more and more likely that my ‘baby snails’ are actually an exciting new brand of Dang Pond Snail… 🙁

Ah well. It’s been a fun ride, and I’ve learned some more.

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